Buck Rogers Comic

Welcome to this Buck Rogers adventure from Gold Key. “Buck Rogers”, No 1 (1964). Today’s story: “Don’t look at me I’m hideous!”. Okay. That’s not the real title. The real title of the story is, “The Space Slavers”!
Fun, but useless, information; In French, a cassette tape is sometimes called a “K7”. Why? You ask; In French, the letter “K” is pronounced, “kah”, and seven in french is, “sept”. Kah+sept = Cassette. The French also use the word, “cassette”, but if you visit France and want to be cool, you’ll say, “kah-sept”.
In the 25th century, spaceship interiors are accented with curtains, and also spotlights that are ready for special guest introductions.
I wonder if the Shuttle program would have continued had the interiors been accented with curtains.
I absolutely love that Buck’s ship has a mooring mast reminiscent of a 30s dirigible.
Coffee pots of 25th century are exactly the same as they were in the 20th century except the 25th century ones are weightless. Buck and Wilma were entranced by the coffee pot.
From behind the accent curtains: “tee-hee! (whispering) They’ll never look here!”
Trans-solar radar scanners are useless! Chalk-boards are always dependable.
Spaceship scanners work fine during near approaches of other solar systems.
In 25th century slang, “The course-plotter reads”, means, “Oops! I just exposed the film to light, now it’s useless.”
Black Barney?
Black Barney: “Yeah, Ardala, nobody cares that we’re walking into a place where people mysteriously disappear?”
Wouldn’t it be crazy if the numbers on the uranium boxes were the atomic weight?
If they add a “b” to the sound of the hypnotizing, they’d have disintegrating eye-beams.
Random thought: A cubic foot of uranium weighs nearly 200 pounds. The pirates must be very strong. Or the gravity is very weak. … Is one pirate wearing pantaloons and another an ape costume?
There were some amazing entries, but in the end the pirate in the pantaloons won best costume.
The dashes before Black Barney’s name is a pause while everyone chuckles at how non-threatened they are by the name of Barney.
Of course they never finished, uranium is heavy.
People keep disappearing, but sure, splitting up is a great plan, Buck.
A winning plan; Disappear without telling Buck where you’re going.
Shame that General Larg didn’t command Black Barney to change his name to something more nefarious and threatening like, Lemon-Wedge Larry.
Might want to turn off those engines, guys.
A powerful flash from his dazzling eyes.