Germany’s war effort is crumbling, but an unstoppable wonder weapon has been developed that could lead to German victory.


.An American soldier receives the power to end the Second World War. What’s stopping him?

New town, new school, no friends. Alec is alone in the world, and the world is a big place.


Welcome to Smitethee! I JUST got the site up!! I can't imagine anyone is visiting, but, if you somehow wandered in here, here's what's going on, the short version; I am a former Disney artist. I'm wicked good at what I do. And what I do is draw. During the shutdown I started developing some comic ideas. Though I haven't been free to focus on them completely (Life, job, domestic servitude. Know what I mean?), I HAVE been working on them in spurts, a little at a time. And they are progressing enough that felt it was time to build a website where I can promote them if I crowd fund, or, if need be, sell the comics from. And here we are.

Anyway. I need some more text in this area to see how it looks. I've been an avid comic-reader since I was a kid, so, I will share some knowledge by writing a little bit about a Marvel villain named Ronan the Accuser.

If you've watched the Disney/Marvel movies you'll recognize him from the first Guardians movie. He was the really mean blue guy with tar on his face. Ronan also made an appearance in the Captain Marvel movie, but he hadn't started using Maybelline's radiant tar facial mask.

The movie versions are pretty true to Ronan's caustic personality.

Ronan's first appearance in comics was in the Fantastic Four. Number 65. In this first appearance he was sent by The Supreme Intelligence to punish the Fantastic Four for breaking a Kree robot, an Intergalactic Sentry. The Supreme Intelligence is an organic computer that runs the Kree empire. It has all the knowledge of the Kree. It appeared in the Captain Marvel movie... well, kind of. It wasn't physically shown. Instead the movie just had it projecting an image of someone Carol Danvers respected or saw as important or would listen to.

In the comic, the Supreme Intelligence telepathically entered the dreams of each of the FF, projected an image of itself giving them a verbal thrashing. Then in the real world Supreme Intelligent sent Ronan to finish them off. All right. A little more about who Ronan was in the comics. He was almost all powerful in the Kree empire, second only to the Supreme Intelligence. He found that being number two wasn't good enough -- In the Captain Marvel comic, the one with the original Captain Marvel, not Carol Danvers. Ronan tried tricking the Captain into destroying the Supreme Intelligence for him so he could be supreme ruler. Didn't work. The plot failed and Ronan was sent to time out in a Kree jail.

Anyway. Ronan comes to earth. And constructs a cone into which he teleports the FF. He nearly has them, but they make him fall on his hammer. So he flees, I guess. He just kind of leaves. I suppose Lee and Kirby ran out of comic book pages so the battle had to end.

So that's where Ronan started, the Fantastic Four.

You know what? I should mention Inhumans, since there's a movie named after them. (I think it would have worked better as a two season Disney+ series) Anyway, if you've seen the movie, and have interest in the Inhuman's origins, you might find it cool to know that the Inhumans were at one point enslaved by the Kree. In the comics they were enslaved by the Kree, not the movie. Anyway. That's all. I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading! Have a great day, evening, morning! Bye!


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