Germany’s war effort is crumbling, but an unstoppable wonder weapon has been developed that could lead to German victory.


Welcome to Smitethee! I can't imagine anyone is visiting yet, but, if you somehow wandered in here, here's what's going on, the short version;

I am a former Disney artist. I'm wicked good at what I do. And I've decided it was well past time at being wicked good at producing my own stuff.

I have four graphic novels in the pipeline beginning with the one I've been wanting to create since I was a kid.

"World War Dragon"! It's 1944, the Western allies have their foothold in France and are advancing towards Germany. The Soviets are rushing in from East. Germany, in its desperation to survive is racing to produce wonder weapons. And this new wonder weapon may turn the tide.

"BiG World" is a story that I wrote last year, I just need to illustrate it. It's manga-style series for kids. It's about a kid, Alec, who's in a new town, at a new school, hasn't made any friends yet. Alec is alone in the world, and the world is a big place. You'll have to trust me that this is an adventure story that kids will love. "RedJack" is a followup to "World War Dragons", it features an American G.I. who has the power to end the war. Why he doesn't, is the question.

"Brother Reaper" is an epic story that spans millennia, unveils the creation of civilization, and by it may end with the end of the human species on earth.

As I get closer to finished art, I'lll crowdfund the books through Indiegogo. I'll also have a store here.

Well! That's all for now. Thanks for reading! More information on the specific books are at the top of the page. Have a great day, evening, morning! Bye!