Looking Ahead From the Beginning

Sketch of the only character who appears in all four books

There’s an esthetic saying that writers don’t begin or end a story, they choose a moment to look ahead or back from.

with that in mind, on our first outing we’re working on a series of graphic novels that do just that; The first book, “World War Dragons” chooses a moment in the past and looks forwards. The second book, starts in the present, but looks back while establishing forwards. The third goes back to before the first book, and looks forward to present where it looks onward. And, finally, the fourth installment looks back from the future that the previous books created and fixes the past.

And then?

We’re looking forwards to that. Once our first series is completed and published, there are three more engaging tales in the wings to look forwards to.

And to give you a peek at what to look forwards to, the sketch on this page is but a small sample; The shadowy character’s name is Herr Krämmer. He’s the only character thus far, who appears in all four books of the series, beginning with, “World War Dragons”

With that, I’m going to wrap this up, and look forwards to writing the next post!


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